What We Do:

We’re in the challenging business - challenging received wisdom, conventional thinking and ‘We’ve always done it this way’ approaches.  We challenge static thinking, engrained organisational behaviours and dated systems and processes to provide our clients with new perspectives and opportunities. We’re specialist disruptors setting out to reframe thinking and strategies. 

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The Real Eating Company Case Study

Salad Box Ireland Case Study

The Situation

Salad Box is a quick service restaurant chain operating a franchise model in approximately 40 cities across the world. With an established presence in parts of the United States, Spain, Italy and the UK, Ireland was the 12th country to join Salad Box’s global list. Despite having an unrivalled passion for hospitality and the drive to take Salad Box's proven concept to life in a new market, the Master Franchise of Salad Box Ireland (SBI) and the franchisee set to open the first restaurant in Ireland had minimal experience of operating food businesses; which is where Hospitality Mavericks came in.


The Process

From the start of the year, Hospitality Mavericks acted as a support function in bringing SBI to market. Our services commenced in January 2018, when we designed and delivered a two-day management training course to the franchisees of SBI. In the months following this, we provided ongoing advice and support to the Master Franchise, whilst also modifying Salad Box's operational processes and manuals, food safety and health & safety documentation to assure SBI were completely compliant beyond the standards of EU law. We ensured that all employees were thoroughly trained by supporting them on the front line in addition to taking a lead role in the identification and implementation of multiple tech solutions. This included the rollout of the internal communications work app Ziik which enabled Salad Box to digitise their business, comply with GDPR, optimise information sharing and improve internal communications throughout the business. Mobi2Go, the click and collect ordering platform also enabled Salad Box to better access the growing takeaway and delivery market whilst providing a more streamlined ordering experience for employees, customers and commercial partners.


The Result

With the commitment from SBI’s Master Franchisee, we were able to set new standards for people, leadership and operations for the first two openings in Ireland; creating a blueprint for future locations to follow. In terms of standards for people, we reviewed and adapted the recruitment process to ensure that it maximised the number of high-quality candidates applying for roles. We also delivered the company induction to the new employees and provided hands-on training that resulted in the consistent provision of products and services that abided the newfound Salad Box standards. Our two-day management training workshop involved a variety of activities and presentations; all addressing what it means to be a high calibre leader in the challenging sector of hospitality.


In addition, we identified multiple opportunities for improved operational efficiencies. This included the removal of any bottlenecks that did not create significant value for employees, customers or Salad Box as a brand. We found appropriate solutions to Ireland’s unique commercial demands, enabling the Salad Box concept to thrive without diluting Salad Box’s core brand and product offering. 

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The Situation

Times are tough in the hospitality sector. Whether it be rising property and food costs, the squeezed consumer spending in the UK or intense competition both on the high street and online. Now more than ever operators should be reassessing their business model and identifying where they can create instant wins and strategic adjustments to navigate through such turbulent times. Helena Hudson, the Managing Director at The Real Eating Company recognised the opportunity to gain an external perspective of where these opportunities for growth and business progress lay within her business; which is where Hospitality Mavericks came in. 


The Process

Through a process of online business analysis, in-store visits and our diagnostic workshop we were able to work closely with Helena and the management team to assess where the experiences of customers, employees and managers could be propelled. With an ongoing reference to the UK's commercial environment and The Real Eating Company's specific store locations, the process was designed to uncover which adjustments would have the greatest impact on business performance with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations. Helena's involvement in the workshop and commitment to invest in her team was crucial in pinpointing the changes that would reap the most benefits across multiple levels of the organisation. 


The Result

Upon completion of our diagnostic review, Helena was given an insight into the behaviours and thoughts of The Real Eating Company's key stakeholders, advice on where in-store improvements could be made operationally and which marketing strategies and HR approaches would align best with The Real Eating Company's unique brand and values. It was an opportunity for the management team to share the in-store experiences of their teams and play an active role in reshaping how The Real Eating Company is positioned for the future.



"As a hospitality entrepreneur, I am used to challenges and, as an industry, we are operating in challenging times.  To be able to look deep into your business and understand where there might be some gains in a challenging environment, sometimes an objective and the experienced eye can really help.


Hospitality Mavericks have been this experienced and objective eye to our business.  They have given us a better, deeper understanding of what drives our customers into our stores beyond just the facts and figures and they’ve done this by getting under the skin of our business in a variety of ways. They are great believers in the culture of a business and how its strengths, whilst not always acknowledged on a spreadsheet, can make such a big difference in how your business is perceived by its customers.  And, I believe, it is that difference that can power your business forward.  Hospitality Mavericks have helped us to harness some of our untapped strengths.


The Hospitality Mavericks team are also a delight to work with. Engaging, thought-provoking, well-organised and intuitive.  I would highly recommend working with them and look forward to working with them again soon."


Helena Hudson, MD The Real Eating Company