Our 100 Point MOT is the most comprehensive and cost-effective way to enhance your coffee offering

Coffee consumption in the UK has soared from 70 million to 95 million cups per day in the last decade. Millennials, the generation with the greatest purchasing power are drinking more speciality coffees found in restaurants, bars, and coffee shops than that of their predecessors and they want high-quality every time.

Most hospitality operators believe that the first step towards optimising their coffee offering is to invest in a high-end machine or enrol their entire team on a barista training course, unaware that there are often more impactful and cost-effective options to explore. Our coffee optimisation service is designed to strike the balance between impact, ease of implementation and cost when it comes to assessing and optimising the coffee experience that you provide to your guests.

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  • An in-depth analysis of what your customers are saying about your coffee experience

  • Assessment of how you present/ market your coffee offering

  • Local competitor analysis - is there an untapped opportunity?

  • Mystery shop - an unannounced visit from our team where we analyse quality, service & cleanliness from the customers’ perspective (covers 20 key points)

  • Internal visit (covers 50 key points)

  • A detailed report summarising the key focus areas  that will lead to the greatest result with pricing guides & further support with implementation if required

If you are a food, alcohol or hotel-led business you may perceive coffee as an ‘add on’, insignificant or not a worthwhile avenue to focus your resources. But as a nation of coffee fanatics, it is common for coffee quality becoming increasingly associated with the overall experience of your customers.

Our award-winning barista Kris Katin has an unrivalled passion for all things coffee. From setting up his own coffee business to being the Operations Director for a high-end coffee chain, he has the experience to ensure that your hospitality business is set up to provide an exceptional coffee experience at every site.

“I would not hesitate to jump at an opportunity to work with Michael and Hospitality Mavericks again, and I highly recommend anyone to do the same.”


 Lagkagehust (Ole & Steen) - Chief Retail Officer Kim Trier

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