Safeguarding your investment via our all-encompassing location  feasibility and market studies

In our experience, many restaurant's failures begin before they have even opened due to a lack of due diligence and strategic market foresight. We provide the knowledge, tools, frameworks and support to successfully conduct location assessments and market feasibility studies and can help you in the following areas:

  • Market appropriateness and stability

  • Market trends (current and projections)

  • Consumer demographics

  • Competitor analysis

  • Activity generators

  • Property selection

  • Demand potential

  • Concept suitability

  • Primary and secondary market research

  • The labour market,  model and costs

  • Financial projections - best, middle and worst-case P/Ls


Some clients prefer us to conduct their location feasibility and market studies entirely on their behalf. This process typically involves the following:

  1. A face-to-face or remote meeting to enable us to align on your concept & requirements

  2. You will then receive a detailed proposal, highlighting the cost, timeline and deliverables

  3. Upon signing the proposal, we commence with the project immediately

Amongst other industry challenges, many hospitality and restaurant businesses fail due to inappropriate location or market entries. The high street’s unprecedentedly high rent fees have proven that even some of the best-loved brands in the UK can fail to sustain themselves in inappropriate locations and markets.  Now more than ever, location feasibility and market studies are an essential part of the building or growing a hospitality business - regardless of how many sites you have. Get in touch to find out more about how we can help to grow your hospitality business.

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“Michael assisted our business to grow considerably in the HR field and since leaving the company as an employee, we have engaged Hospitality Mavericks to assist us further. I highly recommend Michael if you require a progressive and strategic thinking consultant to assist you to grow your business."


McDonald's Denmark - CEO Stephen Shillington