Unleashing your teams potential by setting a clear strategic direction 

Our single-day workshop brings your team together to strategise around the unique opportunities that your hospitality and restaurant business is currently, and is likely to face in the next 1- 3 years. Deep-diving into your internal metrics, soft data and the external environment, we will collectively address the most relevant threats and opportunities to the short and long-term profitability of your hospitality and restaurant business. The Workshop delivers ambitious yet concrete strategies, targets and projects that will leave your team motivated to act on immediately.


  • Leveraging your business's values, vision and mission (Purpose)

  • The commercial environment - what you need to know - Threats and Opportunities

  • Your business’s internal strengths and weaknesses

  • Identification of strategic objectives that will have the greatest impact on business performance (financial, operational, employee and customer satisfaction)

  • The Hospitality Mavericks 3-Step Process for business strategy and planning

  • Prioritisation of the activities that will achieve the strategic objectives

  • Formulation of clear and meaningful goals and targets

  • One-Pager strategy and business plan - a group activity that will compartmentalise each strategic area of focus and the relating projects

  • How to communicate the plan throughout the organisation to ensure success

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Away from the day-to-day operations of your organisation, this workshop provides an opportunity for you and your team to collate your experiences and establish where the business is at, what success looks like and how you are going to get there.

Our workshop facilitators offer in-depth industry knowledge and will guide your team through each stage of the workshop, ensuring that every participant feels motivated to explore, share and collaborate on new ideas. The workshop includes a  follow-up call or meeting so that your team has the opportunity to reflect, ask any questions and receive further input.

“We recently completed our 2-day training course with Hospitality Mavericks. The delivery of the course was to a very high standard & very professional. The content was all relevant, designed especially for our business and will definitely give us great assistance going forward in setting up our business."


SaladBox Ireland - Franchisee Micky Howard

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