You’re a leader with the ambition to grow and more importantly, build a brand and organisation who both employees and customers love and support.

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We have learnt that there are many factors you need to master to achieve this. But a common determinant of success as a leader is their ability to build a strong culture.


This makes the business unshakeable and able to better withstand whatever happens in the internal and external environment. Yes, the ‘fluffy-stuff culture’ is your real competitive advantage. It is what we here at Hospitality Mavericks call the special sauce that gives you the edge and sets you apart from the rest of the pack.


Let’s be clear. Building a great culture is not about setting up a ping-pong table in the break room or bringing your dog to work and access to meditation on tap. 


We are firm believers in the validity of phrases like “culture eats strategy”, “your culture is your brand” and “culture is the way you think, act and interacts with your core values”.

Culture is the way the business core values are lived on a day-to-day basis. But in our experience leaders often ask how do we make these lived by the employees.


We can help you do this by assisting you in formulating writing your own - Culture book - The Book of Beliefs and Behaviours. This is based on the simple formula that Beliefs + Behaviour = Culture.  


This is not another employee handbook which will end up at the bottom of the desk drawer. This is a book you can use actively to hire, promote, fire and developed a stronger system and processes as well as make better leadership decisions.

We will work with you to establish a set of beliefs and behaviours to back up your purpose and direction and make sure that everyone lives the core values.  

Many very successful organisations like Patagonia, Southwest Airlines and Zappos apply these approaches as the core of how to lead and build their cultures and achieve outstanding business results and positive impact on the world.


Workshop Outline

The  process for getting your Book of Behaviours and Beliefs out into the world;

  • Meeting 1 with the leadership  to extract the information we need to kick start the process 

  • Meeting 2 with frontline managers and employees to ensure we get everyone engaged and pick up their stories 

  • We write up Version 1.0 of your Book of Behaviours and Beliefs

  • You get it back for feedback from your team - frontline employees

  • We update any changes and send it back to you

  • You approve a first official - ready for the print version

  • You celebrate, publish and share with the team and the world



  • Clarity on what makes your culture special

  • Alignment within the leadership team and employees what are the beliefs and behaviours which are the pillars of your business  

  • The first version of your culture book, which can be shared with the internal and external world

  • Tools to continue to crystalise and communicate  your culture


Who is this for 

For any leadership team that believes that purpose and culture are the special ingredients for achieving a competitive edge now and in the future.


What's Included

Our workshop includes materials, frameworks and tools to guide your team through getting your first book of behaviour and beliefs.


The Hospitality Maverick Delivery Team

To bring this to life with maximum impact, you will be in the safe hands of leadership specialists with collective experience from brands like McDonald’s, Mars etc.

Avoid being another faceless hospitality and restaurant business struggling on the high street and invest in your culture to ensure that you achieve short and long term success and impact.

Take Action Now

Avoid being another faceless hospitality and restaurant business struggling on the high street and invest in your culture to ensure that you achieve short and long term success and impact.

We work with you on a no outcome, no charge basis

We dare you to be different...

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“Hospitality Mavericks brought an experienced and objective eye to our business and have helped us to harness some of our untapped strengths. The team are a delight to work with and the workshop was engaging, thought-provoking, well-organised and intuitive. I would highly recommend working with them and look forward to working with them again soon. .”


The Real Eating Company - Managing Director Helena Hudson