Define and leverage your organisation’s difference (YOUR Culture) in the white-noise of today’s competitive marketplace

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In today's marketplace, it is no longer enough to have a perfect product and brand - you have to be the best.


The best of the best companies and leaders understand that you can’t win if you don't have engaged employees that ensure that the customers get great value in every interaction with your business.  This can only happen if you have a unique culture compared to your competitors - a culture that both employees and customers love and support. This starts with the leadership ability to communicate and explain the business purpose and direction clearly.


This day will take you and your team through the process of defining your direction and positioning as well as strategising around your culture. Emphasising employee and consumer perceptions, this workshop is designed to uncover what makes your organisation unique and how you can leverage your difference to grow your organisation internally and externally.


Workshop Outline

  • Your brand story - Defining Your Difference - why should employees or customers care?

  • Clarify your brand's purpose - why are we here 

  • Brand as your employee  and customer value propositions

  • Brand as your key bottom-line driver

  • Brand as the responsibility of your CEO and board

  • The brand and culture is the heart and soul of your organisation

  • Brand as your day to day blueprint for company behaviours and values

  • Leveraging your brand - Market Positioning for employees and customers

  • Last thoughts and action plan 



  • Clarity on your organisation's purpose and direction

  • Alignment within the team on your purpose and direction is a starting point for building a culture that stands out

  • A first draft purpose and position statement which can be communicated clearly to your people

  • Tools to continue to crystalise your purpose and  position statement


Who is this for 

For teams that believes that purpose and culture are the special ingredients for achieving a competitive edge now and in the future.


What’s included

Our workshop includes materials, frameworks and tools to guide your team through establishing (or re-establishing) brand differentiation.


The Hospitality Maverick Delivery Team 

To bring this to life with maximum impact, you will be in the safe hands of leadership specialists with collective experience from brands like McDonald’s, Mars etc.

Take Action Now

Avoid being another faceless hospitality and restaurant business struggling on the high street and invest in your culture to ensure that you achieve short and long term success and impact.

We work with you on a no outcome, no charge basis 

We dare you to be different...

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“Hospitality Mavericks brought an experienced and objective eye to our business and have helped us to harness some of our untapped strengths. The team are a delight to work with and the workshop was engaging, thought-provoking, well-organised and intuitive. I would highly recommend working with them and look forward to working with them again soon. .”


The Real Eating Company - Managing Director Helena Hudson