Why Us?

Hospitality Mavericks is a growing community of past and present business owners, franchisees, senior managers and experienced professionals with a love and passion for the hospitality industry. We have over 125 years of collective experience working in all areas of hospitality; from global brands to independent businesses. Together we can fast track you and your team to achieve exceptional standards across your organisation.

Michael, Founder 
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Heart-centred operations pro, who believes in building hospitality businesses from the inside out. Helping leaders build the right team, systems and sustainable results.

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Chris, Marketing & Brand Positioning Expert
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From a classic sales and marketing background having held senior and board positions with companies such as Mars and Pillsbury UK, Chris has spent his time as a management consultant with a bias towards marketing and brand positioning. His experience ranges across large budgets brands to startups; from blue-chip corporations to SME’s, Chris is an expert in helping you to define and refine your value proposition.

Kristian, Coffee & Popup Expert
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The operations ninja when it comes to bars, nightclubs, pubs and coffee shops. With a successful track record of working with a number of well-known operators within the UK and Hong Kong, Kristian is passionate about building strong company culture, people practices and developing training, engagement & communication systems.

Rob, People, Processes & Technology Expert
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The all-rounder, Rob uses his diverse experience and systematic approach to recommend holistic improvements to people, processes and technology. He translates high-level strategic aims into detailed goals, technical requirements and achievable project outcomes. Rob has an MBA, is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and is a Member of the Association for Project Management.

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Peter, Customer Experience Expert
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A multi-award winning customer service and hospitality consultant with over 22 years’ international experience in the hospitality sector. During his career, he has helped to launch high-end restaurants and some of the world’s most luxurious hotels. His rise through the hospitality industry epitomizes the power of hard work and humility, along with a continued pursuit for exceptional quality and high standards.

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Daniela, HR Expert
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An operationally focused HR professional, with a wealth of experience within the hospitality industry.  Daniela thrives on making your people processes work for your business.  Working closely with senior managers and operators, she will roll her sleeves up to really understand your business so she can help you create people practices that allow you to recruit, develop and retain the people you need to make your business successful.

Ado, Delivery Services Expert
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Our delivery and takeaway guru with almost two decades of senior operations experience in the pizza delivery & takeaway market. He has developed a number of thriving delivery concepts and has commercial success in building teams, developing brands and leading a 17 store roll-out.



Yazz, Operations Expert
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The zen-master of operations with extended experience across the hospitality industry as owner/operator and senior manager. He can champion any opening, optimise any existing operations or turn around the operations in a shift. He understands the nuts and bolt of the operations and can also master the strategic thinking.

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Claire, LD & OD Expert
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L&D whizz who creates bespoke learning ecosystems - from strategy through to implementation – to amplify your team’s skills and energy so your people can deliver your business goals and unique customer experience.

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Nicole, HR Expert
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HR pro who thinks like a creative, helping leaders build the right team and systems, connect their purpose with people to create unique customer experiences that generate revenue and loyalty.

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James, Design & Branding Expert

The Swiss Army knife of hospitality design and branding who can take your development or refurb to a new level. Besides running his own restaurant empire he has helped a number of leading brands optimise their layout and design so the flow works for both employees and customers.