We’re in the challenging business – challenging received wisdoms, conventional thinking and ‘We’ve always done it this way ’approaches. We challenge static thinking, engrained organisational behaviours and dated systems and processes.  We provide new perspectives and discover new opportunities. We’re specialist disruptors setting out to reframe thinking and strategies...


Big Picture Strategy Session

Unleashing your organisation’s potential by guiding you and your team through a bespoke strategic planning session.


Our single-day workshop is an exploration of the internal and external opportunities that your business faces now and is likely to face in the next 5 years. We look at the most relevant threats to the short and long-term profitability of your hospitality business using your internal metrics, soft data and the external environment. Our workshops deliver ambitious yet concrete strategies that will leave you and your team ready to take action immediately.

We design and deliver leadership development and training that brings new perspectives, changes behaviours and stears your business in the right direction.

We understand that great business performance starts with exceptional leadership - the kind that places people first. We design and deliver leadership development that supports the needs of the business and helps the individual leader to excel in people management.

Leadership Development

Operations Systems Design & Execution

We help you get the right systems in place to achieve your aspirations of growth and scale without compromising the consistency of a great employee and customer experience.


Scaling up is an exciting venture which many entrepreneurs and leaders dream about; especially when the blueprint of their first operation works so well. The pressure that comes along with scaling can also be the death of great concept. We have a proven method that helps you prepare and avoid the pains of growing - we have tried it all from growing organically owner-operator business or a successful franchise.

Software Advice & Implementation

We advise software and tech solutions that you save you money or make you money and we can guide you throughout the implementation process


It’s hard to get the software and tech right in today's world of hospitality. With hundreds of software and tech solutions out there, it can be mission impossible to get it right. We help you make sure that you not only can save money or make money but also that you get a solution that takes the heavy lifting away from your managers and employees.

Interim Management & Coaching on Tap

We offer your business a flexible way of managing your workload if you need an experienced senior hospitality leader or project manager.

 We are often called in to manage a part of your business or a project that demands quick and safe execution. Our team have experience as seniors managers in all aspects of operations, people/HR, L&D, training, construction and project management.

Employee Engagement

We help you design organisational structures and procedures that accelerate employee engagement and consolidate business culture.


Engaged employees are the first step toward an operationally and financially prosperous hospitality business. We understand what works when it comes to driving engagement and culture in hospitality. We identify the hidden opportunities for enhanced employee engagement in your organisation and can guide the creation and implementation of a new strategy. 

“Hospitality Mavericks brought an experienced and objective eye to our business and have helped us to harness some of our untapped strengths. The team are a delight to work with and the workshop was engaging, thought-provoking, well-organised and intuitive. I would highly recommend working with them and look forward to working with them again soon. .”


The Real Eating Company - Managing Director Helena Hudson

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